Elegant LED lighting solutions for your home: discover our new product line.
In the world of interior design, choosing the right lighting plays a key role in shaping the atmosphere of any room. As a Polish lighting manufacturer, Altavola Design meets the expectations of its customers by introducing two new series of products: the Mariposa series of hanging lamps and the Spinoza series of hanging lamps. Both models combine extraordinary design with the latest LED technology, offering both aesthetics and functionality.
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Where to hang a pendant lamp

It might seem that the centre of a ceiling is the only place for a pendant. As the trends change, so does lamp display and, consequently, in interior design, emphasis is placed elsewhere. Where do you hand a pendant lamp then?

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Take care of your customers’ safety with disinfecting lamps

As a result of the subsequent limitations related to the Covid-19 pandemic, special safety measures need to be applied; extra hygienic conditions need to be ensured by hotels, restaurants, hair salons, offices and other work places. UV-C disinfecting lamps are an effective solution that keeps the customers and the employees safe.

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