Ideal lighting for a shop and a boutique – our suggestions

Ideal lighting for a shop and a boutique – our suggestions

Lighting in a shop or a boutique is both an element of the design and a functional feature. Interestingly, the right lighting may affect the customers’ purchase decisions. Here are our suggestions of lighting ideal for shops and boutiques:


Lighting in a shop: the guidelines


Ideal lighting in a shop or a boutique affects the customers’ mood and, consequently, the purchase decision-making process. The light may serve as a guide of the displays. In a changing room, it typically determines the way in which the clothes look on a customer. When it comes to jewellery displayed in a jeweller’s store, the light can make it look even more luxurious. Notably, in artificial light goods tend to present themselves as more attractive than in natural light. The best option for shops are lamps with adjustable direction of the light as they make transfer of displays easier and better accentuate selected elements in the shop. Ideal candidates for this job include Vinyl, a minimalist wall lamp and Simplicity, a designer wall lamp, both from Altavola Design. The window display is very important and as such should be lighted more than the remaining parts of a shop.




Types of lighting in a shop

Just like in other interiors, lighting in a shop can be divided into main, supplementary and accentuating. It is a good idea to keep the different types coherent, within a single series. The energy-saving LED lamps will be best. Typically, the light is on for most of the day, in some locations even around the clock. If your shop is big, think of the main lighting, e.g. a Linea pendant with a broad shade casting delicate, warm light contributing to a sense of cosiness and not harsh on the eyes. Another solution is LED circles which provide an extraordinary decorative effect. By the way, this type of lamp is very energy-saving owing to the SMD LED technology.





Lighting in a shop, an apparel boutique and a changing room

Another good solution is the so-called rail lighting on the ceiling i.e. a sequence of lamps which can be moved to the left or right, depending on your needs. In apparel shops LED lighting works best as it does not produce UV radiation that could damage textiles. On the other hand, the light in changing rooms should flatter the customers; bright and evenly distributed, it shows the clothes’ true colours, like the LED Vogue ceiling lamp from Altavola Design. If your shop boasts a minimalist or loft design, you can choose the New York wall lamps. They can also light selected elements of the window display.





Lighting in a jewellery shop

Owners of boutiques, especially shops selling jewellery, install lamps lighting the counter. A typical jeweller has many shining elements and this is why the main light should be bright and cool, like the light from a large ceiling lamp with circles from Altavola Design. However, light needs to be skilfully accentuated to bring the best out of the jewellery on display. Some gems shine in a sophisticated way and wrong lighting can glare the customer rather than emphasise the beauty of the rings, earrings etc. Jewellers need to ensure that the light is not fixed straight but at an angle. Another thing to remember is that yellow and rose gold look best in warm light whereas silver, platinum and white gold are most attractive in cold light.   Ideal lighting for a shop and a boutique emphasises the style of the interiors, at the same time acting as a functional element of lighting.