Elegant LED lighting solutions for your home: discover our new product line.

Elegant LED lighting solutions for your home: discover our new product line.

Discover elegant new products: the Mariposa hanging lamp and the Spinoza hanging lamp

In the world of interior design, choosing the right lighting plays a key role in shaping the atmosphere of any room. As a Polish lighting manufacturer, Altavola Design meets the expectations of its customers by introducing two new series of products: the Mariposa series of hanging lamps and the Spinoza series of hanging lamps. Both models combine extraordinary design with the latest LED technology, offering both aesthetics and functionality.


Modern Solutions for Your Home

With technological progress and changing trends in interior design, LED lighting is becoming not only a source of light, but also an important decorative element. New product series from Altavola Design, such as Mariposa and Spinoza, perfectly fit the latest trends, offering elegant solutions that give character to any room. Trends in LED lighting include: minimalist forms, the use of natural materials and intelligent solutions that allow you to adapt the lighting to the individual needs and preferences of users. When choosing a new lamp, it is worth paying attention not only to aesthetics and functionality, but also to whether a given model fits into current trends and interior design style.



Mariposa Pendant Lamp: Elegance in a Modern Edition

The extremely original design of the gold Mariposa hanging lamp attracts attention with its shape, reminiscent of a delicate butterfly. Made of aluminum and acrylic glass, the lamp not only impresses with its appearance, but also ensures durability and elegance. Thanks to the use of modern LED technology and easy installation, it is an ideal solution for those who are looking for a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Perfect for various interiors, from modern to classic. It will be perfect as a lighting point in the living room, dining room or bedroom, adding subtle warm light and an elegant accent.

Advantages of the Mariposa Lamp:

Original, eye-catching design

Made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability

Modern LED technology guarantees effective lighting

Easy assembly and use

3-year warranty and after-sales service



Spinoza Hanging Lamp: Classic Form in a Modern Edition

The Spinoza lamp is a harmonious combination of classic form and modern style. Its delicate construction of durable metal and glass covered with a gold finish makes it not only a source of light, but also a unique decorative element. Equipped with high-quality LED light, it provides pleasant and even lighting. It fits perfectly with various interior design styles, from minimalist to more classic. Perfect as lighting above the dining room table, in the living room as a decorative element or even in the bedroom, adding elegance and refinement to it.

Advantages of the Spinoza Lamp:

Elegant design that adds character to any interior

Made with attention to detail, ensuring durability and strength

High-quality LED light,

Universal design that suits various interior styles

3-year warranty and after-sales service

What is worth knowing before buying new LED lighting?

Before choosing a new lamp, it is worth paying attention to several important factors. First, you should consider the type of lighting appropriate for your specific room and aesthetic preferences. Secondly, it is worth checking the quality of workmanship and durability of the product to be sure that it will serve for many years. Finally, let's not forget about energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, which is an important factor when choosing modern LED lighting.

The introduction of new series of hanging lamps by Altavola Design opens up new possibilities for interior design, combining aesthetics with functionality.