I wake up and fall asleep knowing, that this is my place on Earth. I live in the center, the center of the forest ? the real kind, where deer come by and nibble on the rose petals in my garden, the wolves nibble on the sheep running in the pasture, the cranes relax in the pond nearby and beavers make a woody mess all around and block the road to the nearest village. It truly is beautiful!
And yet, I still longed for something ? not the city itself, but the impeccable style. Not for the busy lifestyle of soulless urban agglomeration, but the classy style of New York lofts.
I live in a wonderful house made of polish pine logs. I do not know any other wood, which has such incredible growth rings. They are absolutely unique ? each board is a one of a kind sculpture, forged by the forces of nature that inevitably delights even the most demanding of visitors. Still, one question remained ? how to decorate a log house in the industrial loft manner ? concrete, metal and open spaces? The task at hand seemed fairly impossible, and yet I was delighted to find myself with a solution, that would combine my passion for the splendid concrete and wood combination!
Ten months of rigorous work have produced an amazing Altavola No. 1 table prototype. Its design is quite simple, yet exquisite in form ? it incorporates the geometrical lines and the latest research in practical application of concrete use in furniture composition.
One might ask: ?What makes it so special?? Well, I can assure you, you have not seen a table like this before! The newest technology allowed me to create a concrete table, but one, which is completely different from what you might have seen in my predecessors? products. The use of the innovative micro-concrete formula and hand brushed, sheened wood resulted in bringing into existence a more functional piece of furniture.
The materials used in the design: micro-concrete, a cellular plate and pine wood have resulted in making of a table which is:
? Much lighter than tables made of traditional, monolithic concrete slabs.
? The table is meant to be assembled at home ? it is relatively light and easy to transport.
? The effect of the hand-applied micro-concrete is rustic and industrial, while, at the same time elegant and noble.
? The careful selection of top quality pine boards with respect to the most effective growth rings structure has resulted in a concrete slab ornamented with table legs which represent a natural and extraordinary sculpture. Hand brushing and sheening have wonderfully emphasized the beauty and diversity of the wood structure.
? The use of micro-concrete and brushed, sheened wood has a surprising effect: the table connects beautifully to various interiors, be it industrial, modern, Scandinavian or even Provencal. Audacious interior designers may also introduce it to glamour-style rooms.
Thanks to the special production technology, the used materials as well as simple design, the Altavola No. 1 table introduced online in August 2014, and has already won over the hearts of customers from four continents.
One lesson, among other things, can be learned from my experience ? one should have the courage to dream and the audacity try. I keep on invariably creating new designs, teach students in the meantime and still go to sleep and wake up in my special place on Earth.