ALTAVOLA DESIGN. A brand defying the conventions of lighting!

Altavola Design works like a magician, transforming interiors into stylish places. The original lamps change the environment and enchant with their passion for beauty.

Although Altavola Design lamps might enthral those who see them, the brand has made a name for itself not through magic, but professionalism, enthusiasm, innovative design, and top quality certified products.

In just 5 years, this Polish brand has been appreciated by architects from all over Europe. These extraordinary lamps add ambience to elegant homes, cosy flats, hotels, cafés and offices.

In 2013 Katarzyna Ławniczak, the brand creator, gave up her safe job as a lecturer at the Poznań University of Technology to devote herself to her greatest passion – designing functional objects the defy convention. In her eyes, a lamp is much more than a utility item which gives light. It is an important, if not key element, of playing with architecture, shaping a room, highlighting key choices and guarding the secrets of the household. Light has the power to hypnotise, and to transform any space.

The brand revolves around designer lighting. These unique lamps dispel boredom, transform interiors and make their presence felt. Altavola Design lamps form part of four collections.

In 2014, Altavola Design was the first brand in Poland to introduce loft lamps using Edison light bulbs. It was a real revolution in lighting design. Now, many manufacturers are following in Altavola’s footsteps and have contributed to the growing popularity of industrial-style lamps.

The brand's offer includes also modern glass balls, which are references to the modernist designs of the 1930s. Altavola designers have arranged the models in a bold style, characteristic of the brand.

In 2016, Altavola sent shockwaves across the lamp market again! For a long time, the ultra-modern LED SHAPES collection was too much for customers to swallow. While it is a feast for the eye, at first, its pioneering style did not make its way into people’s homes. Today, it is an absolute sales hit, and, as is the case with the LOFT IT collection, the trend is being followed by other manufacturers.

PRESTIGE by Altavola
Sophisticated PRESTIGE lighting is dedicated to connoisseurs of good style who reject compromise and wish to make a statement. These items were first displayed at the Warsaw Home Fair in 2018.

Top level elegance and modern compositions. PRESTIGE by Altavola collections dazzle with luxurious lighting solutions, they take us by surprise and delight us. They are all different, but have one thing in common: a unique design combining a vision and the latest technological solutions and materials. The lampshades look like diamonds, opals, apples, or veils made of organic glass, or have simple cylindrical forms. This combination of glamour with minimalism is both surprising and intriguing. Once again, Altavola has boldly presented a new trend in lighting design.

The lamps, which complement the stylish arrangements of the most talented designers, form the icing on the cake of any elegant interior. They will thrill anyone who sees them!

Altavola Design is the only Polish lighting brand cooperating with the exclusive Archiproducts.com website. Our design LED RING no. 5_180 takes part in a Archiproducts DESIGN AWARD 2020.

In the six years of its existence, the company has signed over 100 cooperation agreements with architectural firms all over Europe. As part of this cooperation, dozens of projects have been carried out, including lighting solutions for luxurious hotels and villas, offices, churches, restaurants and cosy flats.

Altavola Design lamps are available in regular and online shops in 18 European countries.

They can also be purchased online at www.altavola-design.de.

To view the full brand portfolio, download 3D models or sign a cooperation agreement, please visit www.altavola-design.com.